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1. Services Specially Tailored to You
2. Finding a Competent Groomer
3. Addressing Complaints
4. Farewell to Max
5. Have You Ever Seen a Dog in Drag?
6. Pet Supplies and Fantastic Deals
7. Activities for "While-U-Wait" grooming
8. Traveling Times

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1. Services Specially Tailored to You

Grooming Today Possible!
Matted, nervous, and problem pet specialists
Grooming by New York stylist and book author

Early drop-off, While-U-Wait Service, and Budget Cuts available
In-home grooming options for special circumstances
Climate controlled for your pet's comfort
3+ flea & tick treatments, and skin disorders addressed.
Veterinarian prescribed shampoos available on request.

50-75% off a large selection of pet supplies

One of Maryland's longest established pet grooming businesses        

2. Finding a Competent Groomer

Did you know that anyone can own and operate a pet grooming business? There are no state board exams to pass and no formal training is required, unlike other skilled professions.

Groomers vary greatly in blade choices, scissoring, and overall techniques. Some groomers are clumsy, awkward, and even dangerous when grooming pets.

When you take your animal into a grooming shop, you place your trust in that establishment. Do you really know if your pet is in the best hands? Will your pet be handled with finesse? Will he be sudsed over every area of his skin and rinsed thoroughly? Will the groomer use the right pressure when brushing or applying clippers to the skin? Will he or she be careful not to bruise the animal or not to cut the skin folds, moles, loose skin, bony areas, or other skin irregularities?

Good grooming takes time. Will the groomer spend enough time scissoring and clipping your pet to provide the best finish? Will the staff be alert to your animal's needs or be preoccupied with frivolous matters? Will they take the extra time needed for young animals or older ones with arthritis or other ailments? Will grooming be a pleasant experience for your animal or will it leave an otherwise well-behaved animal with emotional trauma? With today's high cost of maintaining an animal, including the cost for veterinarians, why would you compromise on grooming and settle for less than you and your pets deserve?

At Lucky 3 Pet Grooming, we accommodate customers who wish or need to stay with their pets. We also offer advice on the basics of proper brushing and bathing on your grooming visit. 

3. Addressing Complaints

Some people complain that I am not “delightful” when answering the phone. This is true. I am not always “perky” during a difficult grooming when it feels like an animal is trying to claw my eyes out or kill me. Grooming is hard work. Furthermore, people call me about other businesses that are not open, ask for medical advice about their pets, want to buy pet turtles, birds, or fish, or want to discuss other issues not related to grooming. I also get numerous calls from telemarketers and those who have called wrong numbers, such as those who want Aunt Bessie or fried chicken wings. It can get exhausting.

Then there are people who do not think I follow proper business etiquette when I answer the phone, even if they reach me away from the shop at odd hours on my cell phone and want to go into a long-winded conversation because no other groomer is available to talk with them at the time they call. I am sorry if I wasn't engaging with the woman who called me at midnight to find out about spaying her cat. We are not a veterinarian clinic. Perhaps I should have been more enchanting with the woman who called me about the animal photography at 10:30 p.m. Christmas Day.

The relatively few who have made complaints have never been to my shop for grooming or were calling about issues not related to grooming. I do not feel it is my responsibility to give someone information about another business as I am driving to work just because he cannot get ahold of that business owner at, perhaps, 7:00 a.m.

I do not answer the phone with a business name because I use numerous land lines and cell phones interchangeably for both business and personal use throughout the day and forward my business calls to my cell phones when I am away from my business.

Many of the new grooming businesses enter the market in newly constructed buildings or renovate older ones before they open for business. I have been in business for years and cannot close for months to renovate in the opulent fashion I would like. Therefore, my building is not one of those architectural masterpieces. Furthermore, I cannot see myself grooming difficult animals for countless more years and would ultimately like to transition into writing about the grooming profession.

I would not recoup the cost of $100,000 or more in renovation expenditures given the relatively low revenue of grooming. Nor would it be worth paying an additional $10,000 or $20,000 a year in property tax for a commercial property.  However, I own my property with a clear title and live debt free.

Because of my years of grooming and the extensive research that I have done for writing, I am well-versed on all aspects of retail and grooming and have all of the best grooming equipment that is needed. For those concerned about germs, cleanliness, and safety, I use a UV salon tool sterilizer. Also, I will not allow  parasites to flourish or male dogs to roam around my shop urinating in every corner that they can christen.

My first book allows the reader to gain in-depth knowledge about grooming. It emphasizes the need for safe grooming techniques and owning ample clippers, changing them every few minutes to prevent clipper burns. I warn pet owners about groomers who use blades with broken teeth that can cause cuts.

We successfully groom thousands of animals yearly. The few complaints usually stem from people who want expert grooming service for highly aggressive, hard to handle, matted, or old animals, and from those who require complex grooming but want to pay low prices or hold me to a phone estimate.

Some customers want to run in within a half hour of calling and have the animal finished in 1 or 2 hours. Some animals arrive at the shop with pre-existing skin conditions. Once the fur is clipped, irritated skin is sometimes revealed. In rare instances, animals will scratch their skin with their nails, thereby cutting the skin. There is no way a groomer can predict this outcome.

You will not always hear about the significant number of customers who for years have been traveling great distances (even from out of state) or about some of the amazing groomings that Lucky 3 Dog and Cat Grooming has provided. A veterinarian referred a customer to us who had a Lhaso Apso that had not had a haircut for 7 years and was so encased with matted hair from head to toe that it looked like a mummy; we provided a safe and successful grooming.

Then there was the woman who worked in a veterinary office and rescued an injured poodle mix breed. The dog had an operation on its leg and it was put into a cast. We clipped and bathed the entire animal without getting water into the cast. The owner and veterinarian were astounded.

In another case, we have been grooming a highly aggressive Bishon for years. The owner says we are the only ones who can handle him. The Bishon has sustained a back injury and can no longer use his back legs. The first time after the injury, he arrived in a carrying device because the dog would bite the owner when she tried to move him. The dog was matted and saturated in dried urine. We skillfully moved him as we clipped and bathed him without injury to us or the animal.

Some people have felt we were their only hope. Some animals are so old, with rippled skin, matted fur, and little or no balance. We have to be careful with everything we do to provide safe grooming, especially for the most vulnerable animals.

We have also groomed numerous animals for former groomers or from shops that could not provide the specific grooming service needed. One customer attended grooming school but gave up the goal of grooming as a career. Both before and after her grooming training, she traveled to and from our shop in a cab for years until the dog died from old age, despite the fact that she lived only 2 blocks away from another grooming shop and could have easily walked there. Some customers travel great distances to get to us. One customer complained that he had to travel over 25 miles to get to us. He was standing next to another customer who just traveled from Philadelpia. We have some great New York clients. Another customer has been driving in for years from Long Island, NY.

Some people claim I am quirky, but I do have a positive attitude and enjoy people. One customer was always keeping me in the shop late. Her comment to my complaint about her tardiness was, “Well, I have a life!” My response had us both in hysterics.

I have found that many people are intelligent, unique, a pleasure to deal with, and have a great sense of humor. Many people leave my shop in good spirits and with a smile on their faces. I have had old and frail people tell me they cannot wait to come into my shop.

When I look for a service provider, my concerns are whether they do the job right, not whether they are “delightful” or look or act the way I envision they should.

We have had many of the same customers for years and they like us just the way we are and know we do the job right.

4. Farewell to Max

Max was an Airedale who had his first haircut from us at seven months old. His owners did their “homework” and were referred to us by a pet/grooming shop located in downtown Baltimore. Max was bred by Peter Green in Pennsylvania, one of the best known show handlers for Airedales. Max’s owners made a 30-mile round trip to bring him to us. The owner said he would never take Max to anyone but us. He realized Max was not an easy grooming or easy to handle. Max died at 15 years old. We will miss Max even though he would try to bite when he did not want to be bothered and tried to kick like a mule when lifted.

We recall grooming numerous animals like Max from the time they were puppies until they died from old age. We also give praise and credit to the owners who loved and cared for them.

5. Have You Ever Seen a Dog in Drag?

Our wall mural with dog cartoons has become a famous landmark with an exciting history and is of great interest to the general public...especially pet owners. This current work is the third collection of original and unique cartoons located on the side of the Lucky 3 building. It was featured on the front page of the Baltimore Sun on October 31, 1995. Although it sounds easy and fun to create these murals, it was, in fact, very difficult. Research and planning with input from numerous friends and employees took over a year. Then a search was held to find an artist capable of making the vision a reality. Hundreds of sketches were submitted, and it took 5 years of interviewing countless artists to select the one with the ability to create this project. Every detail was scrutinized, even the colors. Only the finest artwork was selected and copyrighted to grace the side of the pet grooming shop.

Is that really Elvis, Marilyn, Dorothy from Kansas, or that famous piano player, or are they really dogs impersonating celebrities? Ingenious canine characters (such as the Miss America dog, the sleepy before-work-drop-off dog, the aerobics dog, and others) comprise the completed wall mural.

Previously, the second mural in the series was the inspiration for the John Waters' movie Hairspray. In this movie, Ricki Lake's character, along with her mother (who was played by Divine) and her father (portrayed by Jerry Stiller), lived in the knotty-pine-paneled apartment upstairs.

6. Pet Supplies and Fantastic Deals

We purchase supplies from various trade shows where manufacturers and distributors offer specials. We also receive monthly specials from several distributors that offer 15% to 50%  or more off regular prices. We pass the savings on to customers. Most of the supplies we sell are not offered in mass merchandise stores.

Pet treats vary depending on what is available at the time and are the best deals. Furthermore, we check the expiration dates on all food products when they arrive and send back anything that has expired or is close to expiration. It is advantageous to buy Lupine pet collars and harnesses from us. They are made in the USA and have a lifetime guarantee, even if chewed. The materials used to make these products were tested for strength and durability. We sell them at the suggested retail price. We do not double or add $3 to $5 to the suggested retail price like some other retailers. For your benefit, we will adjust them to fit your pets while they are here.

We appreciate those who browse, check out our products, and make occasional purchases. We don’t want you to buy products you don’t need, so why be apprehensive?  Why not spend your money with groomers you know and who appreciate the extra income from retail sales, rather than wait in line at a store or search for a clerk who couldn’t care less? Let us help you find the best products for your pets.

7. Activities for "While-U-Wait" Grooming

As an extra incentive to keep our valued customers who travel more than five miles for service, whenever possible we offer immediate service upon arrival with prior notice.

The following points of interest are suggestions for customers who remain in the area while their pets are being groomed. Bring your shopping list. Within walking distance, you can probably get all of your household needs at great prices. A food market, Patterson Park, banks and a public library are all within walking distance of Lucky 3 Pet Grooming. Have your own hair cut and styled in Highlandtown, known as the "Hairdressing Capital," with many salons. In all, there are about 250 businesses in our surrounding area.

For dining, try Spartan's or Filippo's a block or two away. Both have specials. A short drive east from Conkling and Fleet Streets brings you to Greek Town, featuring Ikaros and Acropolis Restaurants. In the other direction, you can reach the Sip 'N Bite Restaurant for great home-style meals. Have you been to Canton lately? It's the "place to be" with numerous retail and eating establishments.

One mile towards downtown is Fells Point, which offers a market, dining, stores, and a shopping plaza. About a mile farther brings you to the Inner Harbor, and a little farther are the downtown and Lexington Market areas. About two miles east in the county is Eastpoint Mall, with approximately 100 stores, including Burlington Coat Factory, Sears, and J. C. Penney.

Some customers can take the opportunity to visit relatives who live in Highlandtown or the surrounding areas.

8. Traveling Times

Depending upon traffic, you are only about 5-30 minutes away from our Highlandtown location if you are traveling from the following areas:

Baltimore City West
Brooklyn Park
Cherry Hill
Downtown Baltimore
Edmondson Village
Federal Hill
Mt. Washington
Reisterstown Road Plaza
Roland Park
Sparrows Point

Call for easy directions.

We also have customers who travel from these and other areas:
Ellicott City
Glen Burnie
Hunt Valley
Maryland and D.C. suburbs
Owings Mills
Perry Hall

We welcome new customers and their pets, as well as regulars, to Lucky 3 Dog and Cat Grooming. When safety, experience, good service and quality grooming are your most important concerns, call 410-276-6666 for an appointment. We look forward to seeing you!